Cell Buddy Network Limited
3 Menorat HaMaor Street
Tel Aviv
Israel 67448

Brief Descriptive & their solution

Cell Buddy is presenting a solution that eliminates international mobile roaming costs for Voice, SMS and internet access, while retaining your mobile number and handset. The technology delivers high quality over standard GSM networks, ensuring full coverage, quality and availability.

Cell Buddy‘s solution does not require integration or special agreements with Mobile Network Operators. Subscribers will continue to use their regular provider while at home, however, when traveling, they will seamlessly roam onto the Cell Buddy Global Network.

How does the technology work? Cell Buddy has developed a wireless extension technology (patent pending) which connects a remote SIM to the handset and makes it local in every country. The solution utilizes local SIMs, held in Cell Buddy servers for all Voice, SMS and Data communication.

CEO & Co-Founder: Yossi Dagan
Yossi Dagan brings a successful track record in high tech in research, marketing and management. In 1999, Dagan joined Peach Networks, in which, he lead it‘s marketing activities and later on played a major role in its acquisition by Microsoft. From 2000 to 2002, Dagan held senior marketing positions for Microsoft TV. In 2002, Yossi co-founded Asakim Plus, a business consulting firm which is focused on helping businesses grow and succeed, providing services to hundreds of businesses including startups and SMB. In 2002, Yossi also founded ClassiKey, developing innovative technology for autonomous wireless networks.



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