Clear Returns

Clear Returns
Head Office: Clear Returns Ltd, Entrepreneurial Spark
Caledonia House, Lawmoor Street, Glasgow, G5 0US

Brief Descriptive & their solution

Clear Returns, a Glasgow based technology startup, delivers a compelling solution to one of our modern day online problems, namely the high rate of returns in the fashion business. Clear Returns opens the door to the real world of fashion returns, and highlights the unusual lengths people will go to and the cost for the retailer.

Clear Returns is driving smarter analytics and smarter commerce, using their proprietary returns prediction model and series of automated system responses. Feeding quality intelligence into existing systems means more effective integration and exploitation of currently fragmented and inconsistent data, resulting in better decision making and profitability for retailers and their value chain partners.

The insight that will come out from understanding true profitability – not just sales – will mean retailers can make meaningful efforts at and around the point of sale to preserve maximum order value, exploit new revenue opportunities, achieve process efficiencies, reduce fraud and sensitively target borderline dishonest behavior. It will also mean salvaging a greater part of the basket value by helping the majority of honest customers more easily achieve their ecommerce shopping goals and purchase products that fully meet their expectations.

The Clear Returns solution combines e-commerce, analytics and mathematical skills, with fashion and retail experience. By predicting product returns at the point of sale, Clear Returns enables retailers to actively intervene, to the benefit of the retailer and the customer.

Head of Product: Stephen Budd
Stephen’s background lies in making sense of data and building coherent and convincing stories that can be used to drive business planning and optimization. A strong background in humanities and business is combined with a focus on the technical and practical to develop systems and processes that eliminate the ‘pain points’ in doing business. Stephen co-founded and managed Highland Business Research with Vicky Brock and is a Google Analytics Certified Partner. He previously worked as a data product manager at the London Stock Exchange and was recently a Regional Chair of the Institute of Directors in Scotland.

Gary Campbell

Gary Campbell attended MIT‘s Sloan School of Management, University of Glasgow, and is a member of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. Gary is currently the CFO of Clear Returns, and was previously managing Director at Environmental Hygiene products, which he led to a successful exit, and Business Development Manager at the University of the Highlands and Islands. Previously he worked with Ernst & Young and PWC and as Corporate Finance Manager of RSC Tenon.



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