Ribera de Curtidores 37

28005 Madrid

Brief Descriptive & their solution

GPS signals which civilians have access to are not secure signals which means they don‘t have any encryption or authentication, in which case there is no way to positively know if they originate from satellites, or from someone who is generating counterfeit signals. PanamNav‘s solution acts as an anti-virus software and is a scure and acurate tool to use when GNSS users position (PVT) authentication is needed.

PanamNav can be applied to more than 15 different activity sectors, spanning from transport to crop control and from institutional to private applications. PanamNav‘s solution can be used for human transportation safety, goods transportaion safety, including dangerous good transportation control and robbery prevention or fleet management, by validating the position of vehicles, ships and planes, lorries or public transport vehicles.

PanamNav‘s solution can also be used when trusted position in social networks or safe shopping with a mobile wallet is needed, when safe banking, data exchange and safe stock markets operations are needed, when reliable telecom service, safe power grids and smooth road tolling in smart cities are needed.

Founder and CEO: Antonio Pujante
Dr Antonio Pujante Cuadrupani is responsible for PanamNav project, a world reference in GNSS authentication solutions. He has been awarded two Galileo Masters Special Prizes (DLR and Gate/NavCert/IFEN) and two finalist positions in 2011 (USA and Bavaria) and a 1st runner-up in 2012 in Prague contest for his work on GNSS authentication. Dr Antonio Pujante has worked for Hispasat (1991-1994), Telefónica Sistemas (1994-1997), Eutelsat (1997-2005) and the European Space Agency (2005-2010). He has participated in the design and implementation of more than 25 satellites for Eutelsat and Hispasat and contributed to the development of the DVB-S, DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS standards. In ESA he has been officer for several activities related to advance technology and GNSS studies. He has more than 20 international publications in satellite communications and GNSS, and holds 3 patents on GNSS and communications.


Founder and CSO: Raquel Agraz
Dr Raquel Agraz is a co Founder of PanamNav project and a world reference in GNSS authentication solutions. She holds a Ph D (1995) and a M. Sc (1992) in Science from Universidad Autónoma de Madrid. She has developed her carrier as scientist and project manager at Unilever (1992-2003) and Johnson and Johnson (2003-2012).




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