27 Bermondsey Wall West,
Bermondsey, London, SE16 4TN,

Brief Descriptive & their solution

Viewsy, a rapidly growing location analytics startup, was formed in late 2011 as a solution to a common problem professed by retailers globally. The problem was understanding customer behavior in a physical space in order to manage businesses better and Viewsy‘s solution continues to excite the marketplace. Viewsy is headquartered in London, and currently works with clients including Vodafone and ABN Amro in multiple European countries.

Viewsy provides a way to digitize an analogue world, turning visitor foot traffic into measurable insights that can be analyzed and acted upon. Viewsy does this by measuring anonymous phone data from each customer walking past and through the store, data which is then analyzed and presented on an easy to use online dashboard.
Viewsy‘s proprietary algorithms have been designed by Oxford and Cambridge Phds, applying statistical methods to the analysis of large sets of foot traffic data.

A typical output is based on the behavior of a person walking by or acting inside the store. In short, the essence of Viewsy is that they turn customer data into knowledge that can be
acted upon.

CEO and Founder: Odera Ume-Ezeoke
Odera grew up in Saudi Arabia and Nigeria. He studied Management at the University of York before working as an investment banker selling bonds to the Chinese. He has always loved startups having founded his first one right after his experience in banking, then later joined Groupon where he first unearthed the need for local businesses to measure customer behavior in the physical world.

CFO: Philip van der Burg
Within Viewsy Philip is responsible for finance and operations in London working together with the team to build a solid platform for expansion and investment. Prior to Viewsy Philip was an M&A Banker for Jefferies in London and New York where he advised both corporate and financial sponsor clients leading several successful mandates in the Technology, Media, and Aerospace & Defence sectors.




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