Deborah Magid

Director Software Strategy, IBM Venture Capital Group

Deborah Magid is Director Software Strategy, IBM Venture Capital Group. She represents IBM’s $22b software business in the company’s 9-year old Venture Capital Group. She is responsible for sharing insights about emerging markets, technologies, and business models with venture firms and entrepreneurs around the world. She scouts for emerging business opportunities, and shares views on innovation and growth areas of the market.

Deborah is responsible for fueling the ecosystem pipeline in strategic areas of IBM; and contributes to filling out the IBM product portfolio through M&A. Deborah’s relationships are global, and extend into emerging geographies. She is a frequent spokesperson on topics of relevance to entrepreneurs and investors.

Deborah is on the board of SDForum, the Silicon Valley emerging technology network, and on the Steering Committee of the California Sustainability Alliance. Previously, Deborah held positions in product management, marketing, and user-centered design at Taligent, GE Information Services and AT&T. Deborah holds degrees in Cognitive Psychology from the University of Pennsylvania and
the University of Connecticut.


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