Gabriel (Gabi) Tal

Director of IBM ISV & Developer Relations, IBM Europe

Gabriel (Gabi) Tal is director of IBM ISV & Developer Relations, Software Group, IBM Europe. In this role he is responsible for IBM‘s relationship with independent software vendors (ISVs) and corporate developers, a strategic growth initiative at IBM. He also manages the key partnerships with the development, academic, and venture capital communities, which comprise IBM’s industry-leading ecosystem of influencers.

Prior to this role, Gabi had established and managed the Global Technology Unit (GTU) based in Israel, responsible for generating business opportunities for IBM worldwide customers along with Israeli based High -Tech companies.

Gabi’s career at IBM spans more than 30 years. Since joining IBM in 1974, he has held a broad range of positions including management, sales and business development for to Government, Telecommunication, Distribution, SMB (Small & Medium Business) and Public Sector Industries.

Between 1984-1990, he was working outside IBM. In 1989 till 1990 he held the position of the CEO of AdaNet (an Israeli based high-tech firm).

From 1984 to 1989 Gabi had the responsibility for a special educational project in South Africa (Apartheid Era), a joint venture of Barlow Rand Pty, South Africa, and Israeli firm. This initiative sought to upgrade the level of education among the underprivileged communities of South Africa.


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