James Tan

Founder and managing partner of QuestVC

James is founder and managing partner of QuestVC. James has more than ten years of experience in entrepreneurship and management in China and Singapore. QuestVC is a venture capital firm with offices in Beijing and Singapore, and invests and incubates companies at the seed and angel stage.

James is co-founder and former COO of 55tuan, one of the largest social e-commerce site in China with presence across more than a hundred cities. Prior to this, James was in the technology and financial sectors with companies in the Singapore Technologies group and JPMorgan Chase.

His functional roles included operations, sales, marketing and product management, with the last in a regional capacity and head of a financial product with Singapore‘s largest payment network.

James was recognised as a fi nalist in the Telstra Sensis Australia China Alumni Award for ICT and New Media. James is a steering committee member of the Action Community for Entrepreneurship, a director for Tsinghua MBA entrepreneurship, venture capital and innovation, an executive member for theBusiness Angel Network of Southeast Asia and a management committee member of the Old Victorians‘ Association. He is the founder of Ideas for Singapore, a non-profi t organisation connecting China-based leaders of industry for the sharing of ideas.


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