Thomas Grota

Senior Investment Manager T-Ventures

Thomas is Senior Investment Manager at T-Venture Holding, the corporate VC of Deutschte Telekom AG. With his entrepreneurial spirit he supports startups and new entrants to establish a successfull business and grow shareholder value. His main fields of investments are media propositions, social gaming and enabling software technologies. Thomas is responsible for T-Venture investment in MyTaxi, flaregames, 6Wunderkinder, apprupt and others. Additionally Thomas is mentor at Seedcamp, a program created to jumpstart the entrepreneurial community in Europe. Thomas was listed as one
of the 100 most influential technology investors in Europe by The Telegraph UK in 2011.

During his time as CTO of Pironet an Enterprise Content Management vendor in Germany he successfully launched the company’s IPO at the German stock market, where it is still well positioned.

Thomas then joined Deutsche Telekom, the German telecommunication incumbent, to head the strategy department of the international wholesale unit. Later on Thomas became member of the international consulting arm of Deutsche Telekom. He developed business models for media companies and the digital entertainment industry. His main field of interests were the next generation business architecture of Internet based television and its components for IPTV platforms.


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